More Girly-Twirly

I saw this skirt on a craft blog that I check out occasionally and thought it was super cute.  Around the same time I got some fabric in the mail from a friend.  In it was some black and white floral print.  Later I realized it had skull and crossbones on it.  Cute for some, but just not me.  It made me recall N’s birthday cake, which had pink, turquoise, black and white fondant with skull/bow and crossbones.  A super snazzy cake, for sure.  (N is the daughter of my college roommate.)  So all those things running around in my brain ended up running into one another and I was able to create this. . .

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One thought on “More Girly-Twirly

  1. mahra2 says:

    You are so talented! Maggie would love that. She loves wearing skirts and dresses. The first thing she usually does is twirl. I dig the skull and crossbones but I’m not sure Maggie would. Very cute.

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