La Mode–for all

A few posts ago I mentioned the clothing swap party that I had attended back in March.  Well, I ended up picking out a few things that I thought were cute, but I certainly would not wear myself with the intention of re-fashioning it into something for The Girly.  I recently began that project with three dresses.  (Note that Girly was not very focused on modeling for me this morning.)

The first one was originally a cute (not on me; at least it’s not my style) turquoise halter-style baby doll top with sheer, turquoise/brown print made into tiered ruffles at the bottom.  Now  it looks like this–

She was excited about the buttons on the front.

You can see that the halter neck became simply sleeveless straps.

And her butterfly clip matches!

The next one started as a lightweight, simple sundress for someone much shorter than I am.  It had thin ties on the shoulders and smocking on the bodice.  And it still has the smocking.  I just shortened it a little and used that extra fabric to make fluttery, ruffle-y sleeves.  I need to alter them a little since they keep falling off of her shoulders.  Oh, and I nearly forgot.  I made a pinwheel flower for focus with some white beads as the center.

I definitely measured wrong for her shoulder straps.

The pinwheel

And my favorite was originally a womens’ blouse that I would have loved except the long sleeves were much too short for me and I could barely get it buttoned.  But I loved, loved the vintage-looking print.  So I found this tutorialand loosely followed to to make this–

The front

The snaps, now in the back

The added ruffle was the original collar

I will end by saying that 1) la mode means “fashion” essentially and 2) for all is not entirely true.  At the clothing swap I chose clothing for myself, these things for The Girly, and accidentally got a long-sleeved tee shirt for Scott.  It was about 3 sizes to long for me.  I was slightly disappointed as it was advertising our local Jittery Joe’s coffee, specifically the Terrapin blend. (scroll down about half-way to read about it.)  So the little guys were not included in “for all.”  But I think they are okay with that.


3 thoughts on “La Mode–for all

  1. mahra2 says:

    You are crazy talented. I LOVE the first one. It is adorable. Maggie would love it. And I laughed to see you added a definition for your language challenged followers. : ) And of course, I still have language questions. What is a smocking? And are you saying that la mode means fashion and for all? Or fashion that is not for everyone? Questions, I always have ’em. : )

  2. alisapage484 says:

    la mode is simply “fashion.” 😉 I meant that at the clothing swap I found clothes (fashionable, of course!) for all. Well, 3 out of 5 anyway. I like questions. Oh, and smocking. It is basically gathering using embroidery in order to make it stretchy. Now, especially in commercially made items elastic is used on the back so that it is very stretchy. Originally it was used as far back as the 16th century to provide some stretch, particularly for undergarments, which were more important than now since they didn’t bathe as often as we do. Now smocking is often used on babies and girls clothing with a design added on top of the actually smocking. Here’s an example– Smocked dresses and such are very popular for little ones here in the South. More so than in the Midwest, I believe.

  3. mahra2 says:

    Great answer. How do you sew a smocking? I bought a flat Little Mermaid sheet at good will because Maggie loves the Little Mermaid, but she doesn’t really use flat sheets, just fitted ones. I looked up how I would make it into a fitted sheet and decided i probably couldn’t do that. So I sewed it to another fitted sheet. : ) It looks OK. I don’t know how you would work with elastic. And thanks for the little history lesson. We’re learning all the time you know? ; )

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