The Cowboy Birthday Party

It was so much fun!  Really.  Even the adults enjoyed it.

Each one of these children at this party is such a special kiddo.  I love them all.  Some I know better than others, but I am just so happy that *these* kids are my son’s friends.  Which is why I shared a bit of everyone in the photos.

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Party Details

  • Upon arrival, each guest got a hat, bandanna, and a badge with their name.
  • The first game was the shooting range.  Water guns and plastic cups.  Hubby did an awesome job on the set-up.  Mr. Detail is his name.
  • Drop the Snake in the Boot wasn’t a big hit with most, but The Girly  liked it.  And everyone did like the rubber snakes.
  • Lasso Practice was next.  Mr. Detail did some internet research on lassoing and was a great teacher and assistant.  The main problem was the rope.  It was too soft.  But a real lasso runs $50 and up, so we made do.
  • Finally Panning for Gold.  Originally I was going to get one of those hard plastic wading pools.  But they are difficult to find and I didn’t want to spend the money.  So I decided I’d just put the “gold”–which was just spray painted rocks–in the creek at the edge.  Huge hit!  We kept putting it back so they could pan more.
  • After they found their gold, they turned it in at the Trading Post for their loot.  Along with a cowboy-themed yo-yo, gold chocolate coins, and a magnetic shavings cowboy face, we included Cow Patties (no-bake cookies) and Rattlesnake Eggs (Speckled Easter Egg-shaped bubble gum).
  • Then it was time for cowboy grub–hot dogs (nitrate-free from Trader Joe’s–yummy!), baked beans, apple slices, carrot and celery sticks and tortilla chips with Rice Krispie treats with chocolate ice cream.

NOTE:  These ideas were not my own. I had a lot of fun reading this blog and personalizing her ideas.



One thought on “The Cowboy Birthday Party

  1. Mahra says:

    Wow! Now that’s a party. It reminds me of the birthday parties my mother used to have for us. We would play all sorts of games (hot potato, telephone, pin the tail on the donkey). I should do some games with the kids at the “kid” party this summer. Thanks for inspiring me. Is the creek in your back yard? Panning for gold is a great idea. How fun. I would have LOVED that when I was a kid, but then again creeks and rivers are one of my very favorite things. Also the pictures are really really good. What a bunch of muffins. Thanks for sharing.

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