The Symphony

Early this February we were again able to enjoy the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra with our wonderful homeschool group, Wisdom Seekers.  The best part was that my sweet husband took the day off to join us.  We continued our tradition started only last year of dressing up and making a day of being in the city.

The Girly’s jumper is extra special.  I made it from some “vintage” fabric that had been my Grandma Go-Go’s robe.  I made the pattern from a hand-me down dress the Girly had worn last fall.  I loved how it was tied with ribbons instead of buttoned with buttons at the top.

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One thought on “The Symphony

  1. Jann says:

    awesome pictures!! I love the dress up idea!! where are the pictures of Alisa andScott. love the hat, the dress and how B looks EXACTLY like his father did at that age!!!

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