Assistance Please!

As you may or may not know, we recently put our house on the market as a step (somewhere) in the process of moving back to the Midwest, closer to family.  I can’t say that our house is truly sale-ready.  I’ve shown it once.  Last week I started on the step of taking down all of the family photos.  Not one I care for.  It made me quite sad.  Thankfully I have 4 of those people in the pictures living with me, so I will make it thorough.

I have a shelf in the laundry area of the kitchen where I can set decorative items.  Most of what was there was framed snapshots–of family and friends.  Now it’s empty and I need your assistance–some suggestions as what to put up here that will look attractive and neutral.

I did change out several photographs in the den/family room today.  People for nature.  A tiger swallowtail in some flowers on one wall.  And some awesome pictures my brother took when he lived close enough to Rocky Mountain National Park to make regular excursions there.  (I’ve wanted to display these for several years and am rather pleased about this switch.)