>Who can resist a stack of pancakes? Especially when they are made from scratch? Here’s my original recipe. From the 1968 Better Homes and Gardens new Cook Book.

I follow the measurements, but usually exchange ingredients. . .

  • Flour stays the same, but instead of all-purpose I use freshly ground soft white wheat. Sometimes I throw in a little ground flax seed with the wheat–which means I’ll probably need to add a little extra liquid.
  • Baking powder stays the same. I use aluminum-free simply because I buy mine in bulk at Daily Groceries and that is what they carry.
  • Sometimes I use sugar. Sometimes I switch it out for honey or for brown sugar. It just needs a touch to lightly sweeten it.
  • For salt, I use salt. Real sea salt. The kind that looks dirty or like it has pepper mixed in.
  • Egg works. I eat and keep eggs around since I’m not vegan, but sometimes I opt for some Ener-G Egg Replacer* or ground flax** instead.
  • I use whatever kind of milk I have in the fridge. Usually that’s Silk soy milk. But I’ve also used cow’s milk, almond milk, and rice milk. I’ve also watered down the milk if I didn’t have enough. And I’ve been known to use about a third juice also. Whatever kind I have around.
  • Oil is oil. I think sunflower is the type I usually have around. Melted Earth Balance works, as does melted butter.

The wheat in the grinder
Add all dry ingredients to a large mixing bowl and combine them.
(I triple the original recipe.)

Combine the wet ingredients (including honey if using) in a separate bowl.
Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and add the liquid mixture.

Stir until just combined and moistened. The batter will be lumpy,
but you shouldn’t see any flecks of dry ingredients.

Drop by spoonfuls on a hot griddle or skillet. Mine is set between 350 and 375F. They are ready to flip when bubbles start to form over the surface. If you’re using whole-grain flour, there won’t be as many bubbles on the top. The edges will also start to cook and appear firm. After turning you can check for brownness. Probably about 2 minutes for the second side.

Ready to eat. I like mine best with lightly sweetened fruit (strawberries, blueberries, peaches, even canned pineapple works in a pinch.).
I confess I don’t like maple syrup. I don’t like maple anything for the most part–except those amazing maple sandwich cookies from Trader Joe’s (click link to see I’m not the only person who has blogged about them!) that are shaped like a maple leaf and the creme inside tastes amazingly similar to Cordani’s (a local bakery in my hometown that is no longer in business) long john creme filling from my childhood.
But anyway, my family does, so they generally eat their fill of traditional pancakes with Earth Balance and maple syrup. They say that Trader Joe’s Grade B is exceedingly delicious and extra mapley.

*EnerG Egg Replacer–1 1/2 t.: 3 T water = 1 egg
**Ground Flax Seed–1 T: 3 T water, let set for 5-10 minutes


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