>Once Again

>it’s not food. And this time it isn’t really déjà-vu. (Only a teeny weeny bit.) I made these burp pads and the fabric cube (which has a jingle bell inside to give it a bit more character) for a friend’s baby shower.

I used my Grandma Page’s pattern for the burp cloth, but it was Jill’s idea to leave the fringy edges. I’m not convinced I love this style, but I’m doing one more set this way while I decide. Oh, and the déjà-vu part of these is the stuffing inside the fabric cube. It’s from a wool sweater that I felted for another sewing project when Bradford was a baby.

I hand-embroidered the “H”. I’m a bit rusty, but I think a better pen to mark the letter on might be helpful.

My wonderful and trusty electronic Singer (circa early 1980s) did this design across the center of the blue cloth. Bradford was enamored by the trains, of course.


Any thoughts?

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