>Déjà-vu Dress


This is not actually food, but it is definitely déjà-vu!! My good friend, Leslie, gave me a Zutano brand pants outfit that had belonged to her daughter, but it never fit correctly. (Click on “pants outfit.” This is the style the outfit was.) I tried it on Cora and it fit the same as Leslie had described. Like cropped pants, but they were narrow and caught on her calves.

I’ve been reading several fun crafting blogs lately and been crazily inspired. As if I don’t have enough to keep me busy. So I decided I would “re-purpose” this pants outfit into a dress! (Craft bloggers seem to re-purpose a lot of clothing. Personally I think the word is funny–probably why I like to use it–but essentially I’m re-designing it into something that I can use.)

Here is the result. I’ll post the modeled version tomorrow since my camera battery died right after I took this photo.


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