>Sandwich Makers

>The boys were a bit taken aback by the exotic nature of our dinner, meaning it had more than peas and carrots for veggies and there was no cheese involved. Not to mention neither is a big pasta lover, which to me is just plain odd. Nonetheless, I told them that I was making dinner. If they didn’t want to eat what I was cooking that was no problem, but they *would* have to make their own sandwich/supper. Here are their creations (again after partially eaten. . . ) and their names for what is on their plates. Funny vegetarian sons I have. And I have invited them to try real meat, but since they’ve realized that the cow actually dies and it probably hurts him, I think it’s a no-go. (And for the record, I’m really only a vegetarian most of the time. I do have an occasional hamburger. . . my brother brought this really amazing smoked butt to our family Thanksgiving celebration, and I’m a sucker for an excuse to use barbecue sauce. . . )

Bradford’s “Hamburger”: 2 slices of bread, cheese melted, with lettuce,
sweet pickles and catsup and mustard.

McCance’s “Hamburger”: 2 slices of bread, cheese slices, lettuce and catsup and mustard. Comes with “fries” (carrots) and “chicken nuggets” (apple pieces)