>Why Another Blog?

>I already have a blog you say. Why another? The reason is that this one is for me. It’s not for my family, for my children. Or not first of all anyway. As a mom–in particular, a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom–I need something to call my own. To do just for me. Sometimes. Sometimes to remember who I am apart from all of this wonderful craziness. Sometimes to get away from all this wonderful craziness that, perhaps, isn’t feeling so wonderful at that time. So here is this new blog.

I love to cook. I can’t remember when I didn’t love to cook. Well, I can vaguely recollect the time when I didn’t cook. But barely. My dear mother let me help a lot more than I tolerate around here. (Of course, here if one boy helps, the other must too and that leaves little room for the chef.) I do not remember not being on a chair helping her (or what I perceived as helping; learning would be more accurate, I suppose.). Like most children I enjoyed helping with the baking most of all because of the bonus beaters or spoon at the end. It wasn’t long before I became interested in cooking as well though. Watching and learning from my mom, I could make a wonderful spaghetti sauce without a book by the time I was 12. And so it went.

Now I pondered the title of this blog for awhile thinking up all sort of clever and cutesy, humorous and kitschy, exclusive and sophisticated titles. But nothing was really me. I considered taking others’ ideas, but I wanted this to be my own. Some years ago my cousin, Melissa, told me that her family called leftovers “déjà-vu food” to make it sound less mundane. Scott and I adopted the term soon after that. I nearly always follow a recipe of some sort whether it be from a cookbook, a magazine, a food blog, or my mom. That said it is very, very, very rare that I actually follow that recipe exactly. I often measure with my eyes instead of measuring spoons and cups. I often substitute one ingredient for another possibly similar one because I’m either out of it or because it didn’t fit the food budget. I often put in some extra something or another that I might have in the freezer or refrigerator left from another recipe from a week ago. The majority of these turn out wonderfully. Every so often I turn out something in the not-so-wonderful category, but honestly it is rare. So the food and recipes that I post about here are déjà-vu foods. The recipes have been seen elsewhere in a certain form. But it is likely that I have altered them enough that they are slightly different from the original. I plan to give credit where credit is due.

So as I said in the beginning. This blog is for me, but I hope that you will glean from it and enjoy it with me.


Any thoughts?

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